Useful Links

The Singapore Government, often referred to as Singapore Inc. by foreign journalists and other observers, takes an entrepreneurial approach to foster a friendly business environment. Online guides are available to individuals, companies and other organisations seeking to engage in business and other organisational activities in Singapore. In addition to a low tax regime, various other business incentives are made available to assist SMEs and other organisations, for example, charities.

In this connection, listed below is a sample of some useful links to governmental resources to get entrepreneurs and other interested organisations started. Interested parties can then do their own research on doing business and/or engaging in other activities in Singapore.

Self Tutorials
Essentials of Starting a Business’ (ESB).

Directors Training Programme

Governance, Regulatory/Statutory Compliance
Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority ("ACRA"), the regulator of business entities.

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, the government’s main tax administrator.

Charity Portal, useful information on the regulation of charities.

Business Incentives
Enterprise SG, providing support to SMEs.

Economic Development Board ("EDB"), promotion of investments into Singapore.

Common Tax Reliefs from the IRAS, to reduce taxes.
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