Who We Are

H.A. Christie & Co, Chartered Accountants, Singapore, is an established boutique accountancy firm. Together with our associated companies, we provide to our clients a range of cradle-to-grave services in an organisation’s life cycle. To assist clients in achieving their entrepreneurial and/or other organisational aspirations and goals, this usually begins with assisting to establish a presence in Singapore. Thereafter, we partner with clients to support them in fulfilling their respective ongoing governance, as well as regulatory/statutory and other compliance obligations. Where there is an eventual need to wind up the affairs of the organisation, we’re there for the client too.

Vision and Mission

We strive for our clients’ trust to share their business strategies with us, as well as seek and consider our advice and input before making major decisions. Our mission is to identify with our clients’ business needs and tailor solutions accordingly to influence their actions. Through it all, to be attentive to their needs and deliver quality work results.

Core Values

To accomplish the immediate mission and ultimately achieve our vision demands that our people are committed to:

  • Maintain current domain knowledge;
  • Balance big picture thinking and attention to the details; and
  • Provide trusted business advice.
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